• Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft

    Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft

    A local Flinter in his early 40s, Delft is your direct superior.
  • Captain Rutger Smith

    Captain Rutger Smith

    Captain of the R.N.S. Impossible, one of the Risuri Homeland Constabulary’s vessels. Sometimes called "Captain Impossible"
  • City Governor Roland Stanfield

    City Governor Roland Stanfield

    The Governor of the City of Flint
  • Duchess Ethelyn of Shale

    Duchess Ethelyn of Shale

    The king’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn was a commoner before earning her title in the Third Yerasol War.
  • Geoff Massarde

    Geoff Massarde

    A 40-something tiefling with an airy voice and a fondness for wine that outmatches his ability to handle his alcohol.
  • King Aodhan

    King Aodhan

    Now in his 70s, he is the current king of Risur.
  • Principal Minister Harkover Lee

    Principal Minister Harkover Lee

    Perhaps the most powerful mage in Risur, Lee acts King Aodhan’s bodyguard and chief of staff.
  • Thames Grimsley

    Thames Grimsley

    A grizzled sailor, still with a full head of hair in his early 50s, Grimsley acts as head of a nascent dock workers guild in Flint.